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Who Can Benefit from Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

Who Can Benefit from Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a service designed to provide individuals who are unable to use conventional forms of traveling, a convenient option to get where they need to be. This service is extremely beneficial as it ensures people in need have an affordable transportation solution that can help them get to doctor’s appointments on time. So who can benefit from Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Houston, Texas?

  • The Elderly:
    Senior citizens can heavily benefit from Non-Emergency Transportation Services in Texas. When you do not feel comfortable driving on your own or taking public transportation, we offer an easy solution. Our vehicles are not only specialized for your needs but are also equipped with a variety of medical equipment to ensure you are in good hands.
  • The Disabled:
    Individuals who are disabled can take advantage of our Medical Appointment Transportation Services. We have specialized vehicles that allow stretcher and wheelchair support. Through ramps and lifts, we make it as easy as possible for individuals with disabilities to enter our vehicles. Our services can also help the disabled maintain their independence, due to the difficulty of traveling, we are committed to ensuring they have access to the transportation services they need, no matter what.
  • The Injured:
    Being injured can prevent you from using your own vehicles and when you are under the effects of medications, it is not safe for you to travel on your own. To help you get to the clinic or to transfer you from one medical facility to the other, we offer convenient non-emergency medical transportation services. Through these services, we offer a hassle-free option to get to where you need to be, regardless of your injury.

Those are just a few of the many people who can benefit from our non-emergency medical transportation services. Our services are designed primarily to assist people who cannot travel on their own due to advanced age, illness, injuries, or disabilities. Rather than having to deal with the struggles of finding a ride, Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC offers an affordable and comfortable alternative to help you get to your destination of choice.

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