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Running Errands Using NEMT Services

Running Errands Using NEMT Services

When people think of medical transportation in Texas, the first thing that comes to mind is medical appointment services, hospital transfers, and things of that nature. However, even though these services are great for that, you can also use NEMT for your day to day needs such as running errands. It is our goal to provide a convenient way for you to get around and maintain your independence. Here are a few errands we can help you do:

  • Going to the Pharmacy

    When you need to get over to the pharmacy, just schedule a ride with our non emergency medical transportation services. We will make sure that you get to the pharmacy easily and conveniently. This can help reduce a lot of stress and make sure that you are getting the medications and health care products you need. We understand that sometimes it can be a challenge to get these products when you are ill or have a disability.

  • Doing Grocery Shopping

    We can transport you to the grocery store without any issues. Sometimes, you may not have access to a caregiver or a loved one who is able to drive, take you, or do the shopping for you. During these situations, you can give us a call. We will bring you to the grocery store and other kinds of stores while also making sure that you have a safe ride back home.

  • Medical Appointments

    When you need to get to a routine medical checkup or feel like getting your blood work done, we offer personalized medical appointment services in Houston, Texas. Through our services, you do not have to ask anyone to drive for you or attempt going on your own. You can rely on our comfortable transportation services that will cater to your unique needs.

We are here to make life easier by providing exceptional transportation services you need. So if you need a ride whether it is to the store or to the clinic, give Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC a call today. We are committed to providing reliable transportation you deserve.

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