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Transportation Rates in Victoria TX and surrounding counties

Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC is open from 4am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. We will require a 48-hour notice before any trip. Short notice trips are considered to be anything less than 48 hours and will have a separate rate. Weekends and Holidays have a different rate.

When providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Houston, Texas, our rates include:

Monday thru Friday:

  • Wheelchair transportation: $30 Loading fee + $2.5/mile
  • Ambulatory transport: $20 Loading fee + $2/mile
  • Wait time: $30/hour
  • Long distance transport is negotiable
  • Medical Escort: $35/Hour
  • Gurney Chair 150 based rate $4 per mile

Weekends and holidays: $25 extra

If you have any questions regarding our rates, please give us a call at 832-278-8375.