Why Should You Get Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

Why Should You Get Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

Stress is one of the biggest factors that cause the worsening of health conditions. This fact makes it very advisable for patients who need to travel to hospitals regularly to take the most comfortable and efficient rides. Otherwise, traffic and other skirmishes on the road will only pump more adrenaline to your veins.

One of the best solutions for an easy journey to the hospital is getting NEMT services. Unfortunately, many patients fail to make the most out of this service. Why? The biggest reason perhaps is that people find it unnecessary. If you are one of them, allow us to change your mind! Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, a source of non emergency transportation services in Texas, had listed some of the critically important benefits of NEMT below:

  1. Convenience. If you do not have any vehicle capable of transporting an immobile or crucially ill loved one, the usual last resort is to commute. While being an affordable travel option, the struggles of commuting can be infinite. Aside from the undying traffic, there is the unpredictable weather. Carrying much baggage for a long time will tire you out as well. Getting NEMT services will minimize (if not totally eradicate) these dilemmas.
  2. Speed. Some cars run slower than others. In a daily and casual basis, this is not an issue. But for those that need to take patients to the hospital at a certain time, car speed becomes pivotal. Car speed will change your preparation time. Naturally, if your car runs slower, everybody needs to be ready at an earlier time. This could unnecessarily prejudice the patient’s time to rest. Luckily, NEMT vehicles are designed to be fast and durable.
  3. Safety. As compared to commuting or personally driving a loved one to the hospital, NEMT is much safer. The reason behind such is that NEMT drivers undergo special and intensive training. Not only that, they are required to procure certain licenses and certificates from state authorities in order to operate the vehicles. Plus, NEMT vehicles are required by the state to be equipped with safety devices which are subjects to yearly assessments too.
  4. Assistance. Most likely, when you travel with NEMT, you will be chaperoned by nurses and other medical aides. They are there to monitor the patients’ health stability. And in case of emergency (e.g. seizure), they will immediately perform the appropriate resuscitation procedures.

Providing you with the best non emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas has always been our goal! In every patient we serve, we always give our total best. Inferiority will not be tolerated because we value your health and life as if you are our very own kin.

If you need a ride from home to the hospital and vice versa, then try out our medical appointment transportation services. We will constantly transport you on time, if not earlier. Also, all our drivers are trained to be defensive, polite, and respectful so that you will avoid problems inside and outside the vehicle.

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