What to Ask a Doctor During Checkups

What to Ask a Doctor During Checkups

During our regular medical appointments, it is always important to ask questions. More than that, however, it is also important to know what kinds of questions to ask. The right questions lead to the right answers.

So that you can make the most of your doctor’s appointments, you need to ask the doctor the right questions about your health and medications. You also need to arrive in the clinic on time; with this, with providers of Medical Transportation in Texas can help you. To guide you, here is a reference of items to ask your physician.

  • Medical Tests. When you visit your doctor’s clinic, most of the time they will require you to undergo medical tests. Get their explanations as to what these tests are for. In particular, ask about the following:
  • Diagnosis. Whether you have a medical diagnosis or not, your doctor is the one who will tell you this. If ever you do have an illness, ask the doctor about the following: • Possible causes of the illness • Will the illness last for life • Treatments for the disease • Long-term consequences of the illness • Ways to learn more about the disease
  • Medications. Your doctor may or may not give you prescriptions. If ever they give you medications to take, here are items you need to ask them:

How to Remember the Doctor’s Instructions

In going to your doctor’s clinic, get a comfortable ride from a Non Emergency Medical Transportation provider. When you’re comfortable with your ride, you have better retention of the instructions.

Here are some tips to help you remember your doctor’s words better:

  • Write down notes or use your mobile phone to record their voice. Having your own copy gives you a personal take on their instructions.
  • Ask for printed instructions. Many doctors provide written instructions to their patients. In case they miss giving it to you, ask for hard copies of medical instructions.
  • Ask other members of the healthcare team such as the nurses and pharmacists.
  • Get your doctor’s contact number or e-mail address so you can ask them directly.


As a provider of Medical Appointment Services in Houston, Texas, you can partner with us on your next visit to the clinic. Let us give you the safe, comfortable, and timely ride you need and deserve. For other inquiries about NEMT providers, call Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC.

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