Utilizing NEMT During a Global Pandemic

Utilizing NEMT During a Global Pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted a health crisis on a global scale. After more than a year, we are slowly adjusting to the new normal, and it’s become apparent that with or without a pandemic, the use of non-emergency medical transportation in Texas is still beneficial.

NEMTs are vehicle types that are used to address healthcare needs of a certain urgency. It is used by people with certain medical conditions that make regular commute challenging. More often than not medical appointment services that offer NEMT modify the vehicles to include patients who are bedridden or are using wheelchairs.

We now know, more than ever, that taking care of our health is imperative. While the global pandemic has halted a large volume of non-emergent hospital visits and consultations, some patients still need to have their appointments done at a healthcare facility. Considering that patients who use NEMT are people with comorbidities, it is even more important that they maximize these special vehicles to avoid getting infected with the virus.

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