Types of NEMT and How You Can Benefit from Them

Types of NEMT and How You Can Benefit from Them

Individuals are immobile for one reason or another need proper transportation. Usually, it is an injury or a chronic illness that hinders them from going to their doctor’s appointments. Trips to the doctor’s clinic and dialysis appointments became a hassle for patients without a car.

There are different types of non-emergency medical transportation. These are:

  • Non-Emergency Ambulatory Transportation. This type of NEMT is perfect for those individuals requiring to travel within the country or the state. This is usually provided with personalized ambulatory transport, just like what we offer.
  • Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation. This service is for clients who are handicap and needs a wheelchair for their appointments across the country.
  • Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Transportation. This is usually for patients who require to be at their destinations immediately. The aircraft must contain the latest medical equipment and trained medical staff.
  • Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation. This transportation is for patients suffering from back injuries and cannot sit upright for some reason.

Some people are missing out on their medical care due to a lack of transportation. Patients without a car should worry no more. Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC is here. We are ready to provide you with medical transportation in Houston, Texas.

We are committed to providing non-medical transportation in Texas. We understand the struggle of going to appointments without proper transport. Through our personalized ambulatory transport, we aim to help patients reach their medical appointments in no time.

We provide a line of transport services and among those in the medical appointment services. Under our services, we make sure to deliver convenience and easy methods to get into your destination. Browse more on our website for more details. Call us now to book a ride.

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