NEMT for Post-Surgical and Injured Patients

NEMT for Post-Surgical and Injured Patients

We often rely on our friends and/or families when it comes to our challenges in transportation. But there are times when there is no one who can help. To fill this gap, non-emergency medical transportation is the best option when your choices are limited. NEMT is not only for seniors and persons with disabilities but also for healthy individuals with temporary transportation needs due to an injury or surgery.

People with injuries sometimes have to wear a cast so it is a huge hassle and is very uncomfortable for them to ride public transport. They will encounter many challenges, especially if they travel alone. Most of the time, driving is not even an option.

Patients who underwent surgery will not be allowed to drive without the “go” signal from their doctor. This is not limited to surgeries in the hands and limbs. Your muscle strength declines after surgery so driving becomes unsafe. Some pain medications that you may have to take will make it illegal for you to drive. Public transport is also a bad option since you will be exposed to more people and pollution.

If you need medical transportation in Houston, Texas, we are here to help!

Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC is one of the leading providers of non-emergency medical transportation in Texas. We make sure that we can serve everyone who needs our help, so our rates are affordable while continuously providing reliable and high-quality services.

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