Medication Adherence: What Is the Role of an NEMT?

Medication Adherence: What Is the Role of an NEMT?

Taking medications is an essential aspect of overall health and better recovery. Yet, the problem of non-adherence is still present today. Non-adherence means patients are not following the prescriptions or medicine’s instructions correctly. When they don’t adhere, worse complications may occur and the risk of another attack is imminent.

One of the reasons why patients cannot adhere to their medications is that they cannot pick their medications on time. It can be because of mobility issues or transportation difficulties. When this is the case, Non Emergency Medical Transportation providers are your partners.

How do NEMT services improve one’s medication adherence?

Consider the following:

  • Medicine Pickup. Patients or their family caregivers now have an option to personally pick their medications up in the pharmacy. For patients who are wheelchair-bound or who have no means of transportation, they may have lesser access to timely medications. With help from providers of Medical Transportation in Texas, they can order and pick up their medicines before they run out of refills.
  • Pharmacy Visit. There are instances that patients need to make a personal visit to the pharmacy. These visits give them the opportunity to meet the pharmacists and talk with them about their medications. They can also consult the pharmacist about medicine-related concerns such as the following:

Medication adherence is indeed crucial in the overall wellbeing of patients who need constant medications. For that, here are further ways that you can promote medication compliance at home:

  • Set up Medication Reminders. These reminders can be posted notes in conspicuous areas at home. These can also be alarmed reminders in mobile phones or digital alarm clocks. Depending on what reminding suits you better, implement it at home so that you can take your medicines on time.
  • Use Pill Organizers. Segregate your medicines according to days and weeks using handy pill organizers. You can get this supply from your nearby pharmacy. If you have other errands in the pharmacy, book your NEMT ahead of time.
  • Prepare a Medication Calendar. You can also improvise a calendar that reflects all your needed medications on a certain day and time. Because it’s a detailed look, you can have a better reference in following your intake schedule.
  • Request Outside Help. Ask a family member or care provider to call you up and check if you have taken your medication according to schedule. When you have another person’s assistance, there’s a better chance for you to follow the prescription.

As a provider Medical Appointment Services in Houston, Texas, you can trust us to help you in meeting your healthcare management. It’s time to stop worrying about who will pick your medications up for you. For these kinds of errands or medical appointments, book an appointment with us at Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC.

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