Improving Mobility with Accessible Handicap Transport

Improving Mobility with Accessible Handicap Transport

Before, people with disabilities or age-related problems have a hard time going to the park or medical appointments even with vehicles. But today, various medical appointment services in Houston, Texas are now available to provide the necessary equipment for handicapped individuals.

With the advancement of medical transportation in Texas, you can now go wherever and whenever you want. The freedom of traveling from home to the mall or clinic can now be experienced by anyone with mobility issues.

Here are some of the developments that make handicap transport accessible and comfortable for you.

  • Height and Depth. The height and depth of a car or van have changed to a more accommodating space to make it handicap-ready.
  • Floor. The floor is brought down to a significant amount, guaranteeing that wheelchair ramps can be installed with the most minimal conceivable plot for going in and out of the vehicle.
  • Ceiling. For individuals sitting in a wheelchair, the ceiling is raised higher for a more comfortable and safe space while traveling.
  • Chairs. Removable chairs are now available for people with disabilities for them to easily and comfortably move either in the position of the passenger or driver.
  • Front Seats. Aside from the chair modifications, the front seats are now more accessible and suitable for both the driver and passenger.

From the mounting systems to the wheelchair tie-down securement systems, every non emergency medical transportation in Texas is now geared to deliver the transportation needs of every individual with mobility issues. 

We, at Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, are one of the reliable medical transportation agencies in the area that you can trust for your clinical transport needs. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us today at 832-278-8375. We are more than glad to serve you.

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