How Important Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

How Important Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

What makes Non Emergency Medical Transportation a vital part of health care?

Proper Medical Care Through NEMT

65-year-old Fred* had type II diabetes, lived alone, and had no car. His transport problems led to missed medications, checkups, and therapy classes. He was admitted into a hospital eventually. Turned out he developed peripheral neuropathy, a complication that led to the amputation of his two toes. He could have avoided it had he stuck to his healthcare schedule.

Fred is one of the estimated 3.6 million Americans who don’t get proper medical care because of transportation barriers. He is one of the patients who miss out pay through higher medical costs and poorer health outcomes. Transport problems also result in delays in prescription-filling, resulting in medication nonadherence.

These problems are readily solved by non-emergency Medical Transportation in Texas.

A Solution to Many Healthcare Transportation Barriers

Other causes to transport problems in medical settings include:

  • Distance from home to the nearest medical facility
  • Poverty
  • Conflicting schedules among family members
  • Not having someone to take them to their appointments

Some of these problems are easily remedied through NEMT.

Comfort and Convenience

One downfall of every vehicle’s ordinary makeup is its ability to only take on normal passengers. Yes, there are vehicles big enough to carry people using wheelchairs but not together. Help is needed to transfer them from the chair to the car seat and their gear stowed away.

Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, like other NEMT providers, has vans equipped with lifts and ramps. These are made specifically for the transport convenience of our loved ones in wheelchairs. These specialized vehicles make trips easier and more comfortable for them.

People with chronic health conditions like Alzheimer’s benefit from NEMT services, too. Their impaired cognitive function and inclination to getting confused could put them at risk when on the road on their own.

Our Medical Appointment Services in Houston, Texas help you:

  • Keep up-to-date with your or your loved ones’ medical appointments
  • Get to your scheduled therapies conveniently and on time
  • Travel in comfort with whatever vehicle that suits your needs

What’s stopping you from calling us for our services today?

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