Ensuring a Safe and Comfortable Nursing Home Discharge

Ensuring a Safe and Comfortable Nursing Home Discharge

Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities provide the elderly with a safe and secure environment where they get appropriate care and keep them away from health and safety hazards. With health professionals around the home, residents can expect all their medical and non-medical needs are met. Once the patient’s condition improves, they may be discharged.

Transitioning from a nursing home requires the assurance of utmost safety and convenience. This is why providers of non-emergency medical transportation in Texas see to it that recently discharged individuals have access to vehicles fully equipped with the right features.

We at Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, a provider of medical transportation in Houston, Texas, work to the best of our ability to be there for seniors and outpatients who need a ride from the nursing facility. Our vehicles have wheelchair ramps that will make it easier for the mobility-challenged to get to where they need to be.

You can also avail of medical appointment services for visits to the doctor’s clinic, hospital, pharmacy, dialysis center, and more.

Rest assured, with our help, transportation will always be safe and comfortable. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at your convenience.

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