Checklist: Assisting a Senior to a Doctor’s Checkup

Checklist: Assisting a Senior to a Doctor’s Checkup

Our elderly loved ones can insist on their independence especially when it comes to caring for themselves at home. But when it comes to doing their doctor’s appointments, they will undoubtedly need assistance. After all, your loved one will need to be transported to the clinic and back. If you have your own vehicle, it can be manageable. However, when they’re on a wheelchair, your private vehicles may not be properly equipped for the need.

This is where our services on Medical Transportation in Texas come in. We have senior-friendly vehicles so that your loved one can do their travel errands comfortably and conveniently.

When your loved one is getting ready for their checkup, ensure that you’re prepared with the following:

  1. Medical Record / Laboratory Results. These records are the basis for the doctor’s diagnosis and a prescription for your loved one’s condition. Ensure that you have complied with the laboratory requests from their physician so that your doctor will have a reference for their health evaluation.
  2. Personal Record Information. Also keep the identification cards or information of your senior loved one in one location that is easily accessible to you. This can be their social security number or insurance policy number. These details can be required in the verification of your loved one’s government health benefits and other insurance data that is helpful to cut costs in their medical expenses.
  3. List of Medication. It’s also helpful to keep a list of the medications that your loved one is taking. This list should include not just the names of the medicines, but also their dosage, effect on the patient, and even possible allergic reactions. This can serve as your reference when they’re being prescribed with another medication. You can be specific with your inquiries regarding medicine.
  4. List of Questions. Before the checkup, it can also be very helpful when you’re ready with your own questions, if you have. This way, you will not forget an important detail that you wanted to know from their physician. You can also ask your loved one about what issues they would want to clarify with their doctor.
  5. Pen and Notebook. Be prepared to list down the doctor’s instructions as you assist your family member. This is the reason why they need someone to assist them as the instructions can be lengthy and they might miss some of them. When you note them however, there’s a better chance that you can comply properly.

If you can possibly place all these items in the same bag, it will be more systematic for you. You can also include keeping a record of our number. This way, when you’re looking for providers of Medical Appointment Services in Houston, Texas, you already know who to call.

Do you have other concerns you would like to know about our non-emergency transportation services at Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, we’d be glad to be of help to you. Send us a message.

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