Beat the Travel Boredom! 3 Games to Play During Long Trips

Beat the Travel Boredom! 3 Games to Play During Long Trips

Do you have travel appointments anytime soon? You can rely on us to provide non-emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas to you or a loved one. We can extend safe and reliable transport to your chosen destination.

Sometimes, however, when these non-emergency trips are long, the travel can be boring on the road. We suggest the following games that you can play with us or your companion so that you will have an entertaining trip with our medical appointment transportation services. Entertainment can also get your mind off the worries of health issues as this anxiety can affect your overall health.

Here are road games you can safely play while on the road:

1. Did You Hear That…?

This is a game of memory and critical analysis. The objective is to detect if the opponent’s story is true or not. The information derived for the game is from current events so you can also stay updated. Here are the mechanics:

  • Start your statement with “Did you hear that” and then fill in the event afterward.
  • Your opponent can reply with a disagreement or an invitation for you to proceed.
  • Whoever made a correct guess will earn two points.
  • The game’s ending can be through a timer or when you reach your destination.

2. Human jukebox

This game helps to nurture cognitive abilities and alertness. The objective is to connect a part of the lyrics the song where your opponent has stopped singing.

Here are the mechanics:

  • One participant starts playing a song and then stops.
  • The next participant will pick up the last word where the song stopped and use it to start another song.
  • The singing makes a round until someone cannot make a connection.
  • For more entertainment, you can add a time limit for every participant so that they should start singing within an agreed period of seconds.

3. The Movie Buff

This game helps improve memory, alertness, and focus. The objective of the game is to identify actors and actresses who played in a particular movie. Here are the mechanics:

  • The first participant mentions a name of an actor or actress.
  • The next participant will mention a particular movie where the said actor/actress was part of.
  • The following participant will mention another actor/actress who was also part of the movie.
  • The guessing of names continues in cycle until someone gets mistaken.
  • When someone incorrectly identifies an actor/actress, they can’t join the next round.
  • To make the game more entertaining, you can add a movie treat as a prize.

Are these games entertaining? Try them the next time you’re traveling with us. At Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, we don’t just help ensure you can travel safely and conveniently, we also hope you will have a relaxing and fun-filled trip. Contact us when you need non-emergency transportation services in Texas.

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