5 Reminders Before Leaving the Hospital

5 Reminders Before Leaving the Hospital

Getting discharged from the hospital is a relieving experience for every patient and their family. This means one struggle is already over. However, not everything is cleared yet as the recovery is still incomplete. Aside from arranging for a Non Emergency Medical Transportation to bring your loved one safely home, you also need to keep essential reminders.

Usually, after hospital discharge, the doctor will prepare a list of instructions for the patient and their caretakers to comply. These instructions ought to be followed so that complete recovery is attained. Along with that, here are further reminders that need to be kept just before you leave the hospital:

  1. Medication. One of the very common discharge instructions will be following a prescribed medication for certain days. You need to get sufficient information about this medication and ensure that you have fully understood what the doctor wants for you to do. Clarify about the dosage, talk to the nurse about possible side effects, or get their answer about what to expect for the medication to treat you. Medications are intended to result in your healing so ensure that you have gathered all necessary data about these medicines.
  2. Warning Sign. Even when you’re on recovery, any complication is still possible. You need to know what these warning signs should be so that you will know when to immediately get some help. For medical cases like surgery, warning signs may include infected wound and warm incision site. You need to seek your doctor’s counsel beforehand as to how long you should wait before you need to get some help right away.
  3. Emergency Help. While you would not want for any emergency case to occur, it is still best to prepare for these occurrences. You would want to know whom to call for help if ever some complications happen especially during the wee hours of the night. Ensure that you also get this information from your physician before you leave the hospital. This way, you can have the peace of mind that someone can assist you when at the crucial moments.
  4. Follow-up Checkup. Checkups after hospitalization is a common follow up scenario. These appointments prevent possible re-admission due to complications that were not immediately addressed or medications that have not been adhered to. Ensure that you get scheduled correctly so that you can accomplish the follow-up checkup as intended. Along with this, set for Medical Appointment Services in Houston, Texas to provide you with safe transport to and from the hospital.
  5. Take Notes. When you interact with your doctor for last-minute instructions, take necessary notes of details that are not possibly indicated in their discharge information. Your personal notes are better reminders because these are something you wrote yourself.

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