5 Reasons to Stay Hydrated While on the Road

5 Reasons to Stay Hydrated While on the Road

With our non-emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas, we can make your traveling appointments convenient, safe, and prompt. Our NEMT services are especially helpful for your aging loved one or individuals with disabilities when they have to go outdoors for doctor’s appointments or other personal activities. NEMT is a viable option for travelers with mobility challenges as we have well-equipped vehicles to make a safe and convenient trip.

One of the essential preparations to do when traveling is to stay hydrated. As your partner in meeting your health care needs, we advise you to drink sufficient amount of water when traveling with us. Here are the benefits you can gain:

  1. Improves your physical movement. Water acts as our natural lubricant. When your body is duly hydrated even while traveling on the road, you can have maximum physical movement. This is especially necessary during hot weather or when your loved one needs to undergo a rigorous health procedure.
  2. Improves alertness. Water intake helps improve your energy and the ability of the brain to function. In some studies such as the one featured by NCBI, the lack of sufficient water intake has been observed to trigger irritation, memory impairment, and active brain performance. The study has followed kids and elderly participants.
  3. Prevents headache. Water can help prevent headache. This is shown in this study where participants who got dehydrated had migraine attacks. For your loved one with disability and in transit to their doctor’s clinic, you don’t want headache incidents to add to their woes.
  4. Prevents constipation. Water can also help regulate a person’s bowel movement. As presented in this study, people who had low water intake had frequent episodes of constipation. This constipation is also a common incident in seniors. You can prevent this from occurring, especially if you’re traveling, when you’re able to let them stay hydrated.
  5. Helps improve weight loss. Water can also help manage your loved one’s loss especially if they’re on to losing their weight. According to another study, participants who drank at least half a liter of water have increased their metabolism level to up to 30% every 1.5 hours. When your loved one with disability needs to lose weight, water should be part of their health regimen.

As we provide you with non-emergency transportation services in Texas, we help you see to it that even while on the road, you can still attend to your health practices. When you need this type of services in your next doctor’s appointment or even with other personal errands, don’t hesitate to contact us at Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC. Let us help you provide a comfortable, safe, and convenient ride.

What other inquiries do you have? If you would like to know about our medical appointment transportation services, feel free to visit us online.

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