3 Warning Signs to Stop Driving and Start Using NEMT

3 Warning Signs to Stop Driving and Start Using NEMT

Are your aging parents starting to have mobility issues?

Is their vision getting worse?

Are they starting to exhibit memory issues?

Do they look uncomfortable sitting in your car?

Have you noticed dents and scratches in their car?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, it may be time to consider non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services.

Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC, a reputable provider of medical transportation in Texas, lists down some questions you should ask yourself (or your aging loved one) to determine whether or not it’s time to get NEMT assistance:

  • Are you having trouble following or seeing road signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings? Good vision is highly important when you are driving. So, if your eyesight is going bad (or if your parent’s vision is getting worse), it may be time to consider NEMT services.
  • Has your reaction time diminished? Reaction time includes the ability to quickly respond to unexpected road situations, recognizing light changes, and deciding to move ahead or brake. Reaction times vary greatly from one person to another and can range from 0.7 to 3 seconds or more. If you notice that your reaction time has significantly diminished, for instance, if you are reacting slowly to light changes or if you are confusing pedals, you should stop driving and start using NEMT.
  • Are you often getting lost, even in familiar locations? Are you having some memory issues? Whether its normal changes in memory due to aging or memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, having memory problems is a sign that it is time to stop driving. Consider NEMT services to keep yourself, and others, safe on the road.

The Takeaway

Being able to drive gives one a sense of freedom and independence. Losing that ability is a scary concept for many people, thinking that they will lose their independence as well.

However, just because you can no longer drive, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer get around and go to your family gatherings, medical appointments, and more. It simply means that you will have to rely on transportation service providers like Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC to help you.

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