3 Reasons Why NEMT is All You Need

3 Reasons Why NEMT is All You Need

If you have physical disabilities or limited mobility, going to and from places can be a hassle. It can be quite troublesome to transport your bulky wheelchair with you to the hospital for medical appointment services in Houston, Texas. All the difficulties that come with it can dampen your enthusiasm. Moreover, you will need the help of other people get on and off the car too. It can be discouraging if you think about all the effort that goes into the transport.

Transporting to and from places is not that difficult nowadays. On the premise that you know what kind of service to get, going to places shouldn’t be that much of a problem for you now. For people with limitations on mobility, medical transportation in Texas is the solution to your transportation needs. NEMT is a wise choice.

Why choose NEMT among the many medical transport options available nowadays? Here are the reasons why:

  • It is suitable for non-emergency cases. NEMT is also known as non-emergency medical transportation. It is the better choice over an ambulance in your case. After all, you have no emergency that medical staff should immediately attend to. You only need to be dropped off to your dialysis appointment or to the doctor’s clinic. These appointments are cases considered as non-emergency and you can rely on NEMT for that.
  • It is safer and more secure. Most NEMT vehicles are equipped with many assistive tools and devices. One example of these assistive devices is the wheelchair lift. As the name suggests, it can lift a person’s wheelchair off the ground and load it inside the vehicle. With this assistive device, getting you into the car will not be as laborious as it is supposed to be. There are many other assistive devices used during non-emergency med transport. They make transportation easier for everyone.
  • It drives you to and from your destination on time. Due to your medical condition, you may need to visit the doctor on a regular basis. Most doctors follow a schedule when it comes to seeing patients. If you miss your appointment, you may need to wait a while to be able to see the doctor then. With the NEMT service, you can arrive at your appointment on time. A reputable NEMT arrives at your doorsteps right on schedule to pick you up.

Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC specializes in dropping off and/or picking up individuals with limited mobility. Entrust your transportation needs to us as we are always happy to help. Share this post to let others know that they can use NEMT services as the solution to their transportation needs.

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