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How to Make Vehicles Handicap-Accessible


If you or your loved ones have a disability, you will want to make plenty of changes to your environment and daily lifestyle. One challenging aspect can be transportation, so you might want to consider transforming your vehicle into a comfortable and safe handicap-accessible car. A provider of non-emergency medical transportation in Texas lists down the following solutions:

  • Use scooters and wheelchair lifts
    These devices are available at a provider of medical transportation in Houston, Texas, which allows the patient to take his or her scooter or wheelchair wherever he or she has to travel.
  • Turning the seats to automotive
    Automotive seats allow the passengers or the drivers to enter and exit the vehicle easily as it can turn, extend, rotate, or lower automatically.
  • Attach scooter and wheelchair carriers
    When there isn’t enough space in your car, put scooter or wheelchair carriers that can be placed in the bed of the truck, on the back of the car, or anywhere convenient. This is a space-efficient and effective solution so that you or your loved ones with handicaps get to bring any mobility device everywhere.

You may either have these modifications added to your vehicle or make use of a transportation provider like Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC that is offering medical appointment services and solutions to your non-emergency needs. Reach us today!

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