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9 Tips to Be Better Surgery-Prepared

Tips to Be Better Surgery-Prepared Going through a surgical procedure is draining. It’s best to go thr

Going through a surgical procedure is draining. It’s best to go through one prepared. The Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC team believes these tips can help you prepare for an incoming surgery better:

  1. Listen to what your doctor says

    Your physician is the one to tell you of your diagnosis and brief you of the procedure you’ll undergo. They will discuss with you specific surgical preparations and expectations. So, listening to whatever they have to say is to your best interest.

  2. Meet up with the team handling your operation

    Talk to your surgeon and meet up with your anesthesiologist. It is within your right to know their background, years of service, and other specifics. Tell them about your medical history, fears, and other surgery-related questions.

  3. Prepare your hospital bag

    Stuff it with your basic essentials. Bring loose-fitting and comfortable clothes you can easily wear after the surgery. You should also bring your Social Security card number, insurance information, and Medicare or Medicaid card.

    Leave your valuables like jewelry at home.

  4. Eat healthily

    Consume more protein before your operation. Protein helps wounds heal faster, maintains your muscle mass, and boosts your immunity. Doctors recommend eating more protein weeks before the scheduled operation.

    Following a diet rich in plant-based foods is also helpful before and after the surgery. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. These, like vitamin C and phytochemicals, help reduce inflammation and infection risks. Fiber also helps ease constipation, something that post-operation patients often complain of.

  5. Get active

    You might think inactivity before your surgery is okay, but it’s not. Following a more active lifestyle weeks before your surgery can help speed up your recovery. It’ll also prevent high-health-risk blood clots from occurring.

  6. Quit smoking

    Cigarettes contain more than 4000 substances. Most of these are harmful to the smoker. Smoking also increases your risk of developing blood clots.

  7. Prepare your home

    Is your home ready to take in a recovering patient? Look for ways that’ll ease your life while you’re recuperating from your operation. Example, if you’ve had leg surgery, moving to a room at the house’s first-level is safer for you.

  8. Ask and accept help

    You can ask a loved one or a friend to go with you to the hospital during your surgery. Is transportation a difficulty? You can always avail of Medical Appointment Services in Houston, Texas.
    Non Emergency Medical Transportation providers can take you from your home to the hospital and vice versa. We also have specialized vehicles should you need one to accommodate equipment such as wheelchairs.

  9. Follow what your doctor says

    Did your doctor forbid you to drive after your surgery? There’s a reason for that. Rely on a reliable Medical Transportation in Texas for the meantime. We can take you to your followup checkups or even to pharmacies so you can fill up your prescriptions.

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